mercedes 207d-new wings and grills.

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mercedes 207d-new wings and grills.

Postby AUTOTRAIL89 » March 16th, 2017, 2:43 pm

I am engrossed in a rebuild and repaint of the cab of my 1989 207d
Both front grills and wings are now off. Behind it is surprisingly sound. Just a small amount of welding at the foot of the bulkhead is required and below the windscreen on the passenger side.
All hidden surfaces will be painted with rust resistant paint before offering up the new panels for a trial fit..If all goes well it can go away to the paint shop shortly.If all doesnt go well the old panels will have to be put back rather than be scrapped. They are not that bad having only small areas of minor surface rust and no penitration.I have photographs of the van in this state but unfortunately I am not computer savvy enough to show them here
One problem I have however. The fuel gauge works when the tank is full but reads empty when it is threee quarters full.Has anyone had this one before. A new sender is in excess of £100 and is a none returnable item.

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