Protecting skylights from leaks

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Protecting skylights from leaks

Postby AUTOTRAIL89 » March 12th, 2017, 8:22 pm

My van ( merc 207d) has to be parked on a slope.In heavy rain. The water flows across the roof like a torrent.It can be so heavy that it overflows the lips of the skylight letting water into the van interior.The amout of water will in time, cause the apperture to leak and rot the structure holding the skylight frame in place.I have glued and angled some "L" shaped plastic strips ahead of the flow in front of the sky light.I have 3 sky lights. The angles are set to keep the final water exit away from the vunerable rear corners which are hard to repair. The water now flows off the centre of the roof.As a matter of interest my van has to be parked nose first up the slope. In any other position the water will pool on the roof which is the kiss of death to structural weather sealing.
I have recently bought some very useful , rare, and inexpensive cab panels from coastal motorhomes.Some I will use as immediate replacement, the others will go into stock in anticiaption of possible future use.This all starts tomorrow.It will look nice when finished.

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