mercedes benz 207d(up to 1994) - thoughts

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mercedes benz 207d(up to 1994) - thoughts

Postby AUTOTRAIL89 » June 21st, 2015, 3:51 pm

The mechanical parts of these vehicles are excellent. The only general fault is I have heard of is a failure of the heater blower motor. The heater will still work To get at the blower is not a minor task .I have owned mine for 26 year. Other than routine services it has required very little and has "failed to proceed " just once. This was the result of an expired clutch slave cylinder.It has had 1 glow plug, 50% of an exhaust ,one set of discs, 2 rear wheel cylinders,one brake master cylinder and some rubber boots on the steering .I get around 26 mpg .It cruises at 55 mph and it flat out at 65 mph
The cabs however are a weakness Rot under the windscreen is common.I have had to have let in a rather large strip of steel with revised heater vents.Similarly the bonnet,door tops and wings are prone to tin worm.Panels can still be obtained but not easily. .In summary a good old van if somewhat dated .However it is also a very simple van . .Any good workshop can repair and maintain them and there is much you can do yourself.Looked after they just keep on going.

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