French Aires

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French Aires

Postby jollyrodger » May 2nd, 2012, 9:42 pm

French Aires-No doubt you are probably already aware of this site but just in case :?: :

we use it and have done for years when it was the camping municipal free from the intermarche as we like the Free wild camping or “le camping sauvage” but loads of good info will be going down through France and onto Spain 28th August -15 Sept in the general direction of Amposta /Ampola
Brother going in his camper
Not made up our minds yet on either Dover-Dunkirk £68 return (DFDS)
Or Portsmouth-Le Havre £221 ret (LD Lines)
Unless anyone knows a cheaper route ??
Anyone who wants to tag along at own cost in own van are welcome .
Anyway thought I`d pass on the info ttfn mike (Jollyrodger) :D :D
Helplessly Lost But Making Good Time!

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